A new fast-casual sushi-based bento box restaurant has recently opened in Burbank Los Angeles. Along with the  Innovative Dining Group, one of the most influential  teams of restaurateurs behind  Sushi Roku,  Boa Steakhouse,  Katana, Robata Bar,  Blind Dragon,  B Grill  and Lucky Grill, we have redefined  the modern Fast Casual Dining Experience, featuring affordable omakase style  sushi in a stylish setting. 

Their combined experience has converged with the opening of Yakumi, which brings together something Japanese food lovers never thought possible: the artistry and flavor profiles of fine sushi and affordable prices…and not cheap sushi. The dining environment, meanwhile, exceeds “fast casual” expectations with the care put into the décor.  “We designed an unusually beautiful atmosphere for a fast-casual restaurant,” affirms Maen, whose Los Angeles Japanese food venues earned critical mass across the country. “We hired LIVIT, a well-known design firm out of Spain and Sweden, and made it feel like the kind of Japanese shop you would come across perusing some of Tokyo’s trendier neighborhood.

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The strategy behind the packaging has been essential to elevate the guest experience. Here is a little sneak peek into the bento boxes.

This is fine sushi, cleverly packaged, that both travels well — and can be eaten with ease on the restaurant’s patio, and at the indoor tables. With takeout cocktails as well.

A colorful info card that comes with the orders, so well informed. One side points out which fish to dip in the smaller containers of ponzu, truffle soy and regular soy. The other identifies toppings like serrano chiles, crispy shallots, yuzu kosho (a very citrusy sauce) and wasabi kizami (shredded wasabi root).

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Photos by Wonho Frank Lee, Merrill Shindler and Mona Shah