Carl's Jr & Hardee's
  • Global Rollout

Founded in 1941 in California, CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s brands, is one of the premier US fast food burger chain, with more than 4,000 owned or franchised restaurants in 44 states, and operating in 38 foreign countries and US territories.

The brand continues to deliver substantial and consistent growth in the U.S. and overseas, with Livit as its consultant since 2015.

The CKE CDT supports the implementation of the brand design in any type and format of building (Free Standing, In line Street, In line Mall, Food court, Express, 1 or 2 storey premises, foodtruck, One-off…), makes the most of the dimensions and shape of the plot, adapts the building to the services required by the local franchisee (Drive Thru, Curbside, Delivery, Dine In, To Go, Walk Up…), composes the exterior focus on the best visibility and enhancing the visual appeal, and designs an efficient interior layout at an operational level as well as implements a look & feel that promotes comfort and enjoyment.

This Central Design Team helps CKE brands to grow and to expand with consistency and homogeneity all over the world. It also provides learning and fluency thanks to constant communication with franchisees.

After more than 7 years collaborating together, Livit has got a great knowledge of the Brand and is helping CKE to exercise real control over the implementation of its design at a global level, ensuring the most efficient distribution of BOH and FOH, as well as the successful application of the design guidelines approved by the Brand, both in the exterior and interior, complying with the standards defined in a Brand Manual.