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Meet some of the people with
the best taste in the industry.

When you circle the right personalities around a singular vision, worlds collide, and magic happens.

Benjamin Calleja Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Rebeca Muñoz Chief Executive Officer & Partner
Rafa Larue Chief Creative Officer & Partner
Ana Moreno Chief Operations Officer & Partner
Charlotte Mindus B2B & Marketing Leader
Miguel Chillerón Design Director
Alberto de la Cámara Design Director
Cristina Pérez Navarro Design Director
Miguel Gelado Chief Financial Officer
Lucía Gual Chief People Officer
Clara Rincón Account Leader - GX & Strategy Specialist
Annabella Peñalver Culinary and Operations Leader & Chef
Iciar Romero Client Success Manager
Antonio Guzmán BOH Design Specialist
Alberto Madrigal Construction & BOH Design Leader
Clara Martínez Innovation Leader GX & Co-Creation Specialist
Sara Rebollo Brand Strategy Designer & Co-Creation Specialist
Virginia Baltanás Experience Architect & UX/UI Specialist
Teresa Gómez Experience Architect & Graphic Design Specialist
Pedro Corbalán Brand Strategy Designer & Co-Creation Specialist
Francisco García Experience Architect
Coro Urdaneta Experience Architect
María Sanz Experience Architect
Álvaro Herrero Experience Architect
Victoria Hernández Interior Design Leader
María Martínez Experience Architect
María Jesús Díez Brand Architect
Cristina Pérez del Arco Account Leader
Carolina Hernández Account Leader
Pablo Martínez Account Leader
Carlos Montañana Interior Designer
Silvia Jordana Brand Architect & Co-Creation Specialist
Carlos Gómez de Agüero Construction Manager
Luis Balaguer Experience Architect
Paula López Interior Designer
Foodies. Strategic experts. Experience seekers. Creative minds. Innovation enthusiast. Brand builders. Bold storytellers. Passionate challengers.

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shape what’s
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We are always looking for multitalented individuals who appreciate and understand that a restaurant, hotel, or store is much more than four walls.
At Livit™ you will do more than design spaces, you will craft experiences and shape the future of hospitality industry.

We want you to do the best work of your career as part of our single global team.
You care about a career that’s challenging and rewarding. You thrive and strive for creativity. You’re searching for a place that’s special.

Stops searching… join our team, we are obsessed with making you grow.

Internship profile.
Do you have the bold, go-getter, dynamic Livit spirit? Would you like to work with us?

If you have just finished or are about to finish your studies and would like to be a part of our team, send us an email to careers@livit.design including:

A video CV: This is important for us to get to know you personally and professionally. It can be best sent via Wetransfer, Vimeo link or a similar platform (if the file size is quite large we won’t be able to receive it via email) Your curriculum vitae A portfolio of your work (in PDF format or link to a web portfolio) Let us know if you are working on a Final Project or what you are currently studying

We can only accept applications from applicants whose programs have established internship or similar programs. Check with your program coordinator to be sure!

We are working on something special here at Livit™ are you up for it?