At Livit we focus on

your guests.

We are a guest-centric company. Ultimately, it is not about what we like,

it is all about what your guest likes.


We want guests to enjoy the details, because we love creating them.


Understanding that having a meal out, getting a meal delivered at home,

spending the weekend away in a hotel, or finally finding the perfect garment is an opportunity

for something special; it’s an opportunity to Livit!

We are different.

To live-it is to live to experience and to experience to share, all with fun, passion,

creativity, courage and a big smile.


We understand that the complete 360° experience is what captures the imagination

of your guests, and what makes the difference in the bottom line for your brand.


We are restaurant owners and operators too so we understand your challenges and we know first hand

what it takes to be successful.


We are Livit, improving every day’s life experiences for everyone.


Our guest experience

design process.

Do you want to know how we work?

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How we help. 

So how does this happen? What is Livit's secret sauce?

Explore our design process we use to discover and deliver the genuine value of your brand.
Refined over the last 20 years, it is completely oriented toward the creation of new brands,
as well as the repositioning of existing multi-unit brands,
easy to replicate with scalability in mind and the guests at heart.

Please click on the titles below to discover more about each part of the process.

Strategy. close-serv

It starts with a handshake and a hello.

Every one of our projects has a carefully crafted strategy behind it. That's the part that no-one sees & no-one talks about. It is however the most important. We want to explore and develop your winning strategy by sharing our global insights and knowledge.

Our planning and strategy team will sit down with the key stakeholders and decision-makers in order to understand the brand DNA and get a full understanding of the who, what, and why of the project.

Design strategy

We dare to push the boundaries of experiential design. Our extensive experience stretches to more than 13,000 projects over the last 20 years. We apply the Design Thinking methodology so that design strategies provide a solution-based approach to solving problems by guest engagement.

Operational efficiency

Just because it looks great doesn’t mean it works! Optimizing efficiency with smart designs & relevant solutions customized to your brand. We immerse ourselves in your business to understand your operations, CAPEX, labor and food cost efficiencies.

Brand strategy

Livit works with global brands to create, develop & enhance strategies to truly define your brand identity and create the road map ahead whilst managing your guests' evolving expectations and the constantly changing landscape.

Culinary strategy

Livit helps you create, develop and strengthen your on and offline culinary offering delivering a higher perceived value and guest satisfaction. One of the key elements of your business that has to deliver time after time.

Guest journey strategy

We define and match strategies with your guests' expectations and interaction with the brand at every stage of their journey, evoking your guests' emotional connection and converting them into lifelong fans.

Touchpoint strategy

Beyond having the right design strategy for the physical environment, the creation of a set of coherent touchpoints that are well aligned with the brand standards is paramount to achieve the holistic experience that drives sales and brand loyalty.


Insights. close-serv

When our global insights support the strategy, we can define the path to success. As we travel the world, we collect insights and knowledge as well as see trends before they cross through the regions. We love to share our insights, findings and experience.

Together with our client, we create the best path of improvement and future success for the brand.

Global trends

Being at the forefront of innovative design in F&B industry with global players all around the world, we know what the future holds in every corner of the world. We constantly research and analyze the F&B landscape at an international level to identify the current and future trends globally, but also nationally and locally.

Labor efficiency

We can ensure an optimal labor efficiency in the Front of House and Back of House, which is an essential component in terms of labor cost and training model.

Capex reduction & ROIC

By fully assessing and understanding your business model and the brand operations, Livit adds value to your business by finding ways to reduce your CAPEX and increase your ROIC. Keeping your owners, investors and your business happy.

International adaptation

Our DNA comes from a mix of cultures, backgrounds, talents and professions. Fused with our insights in Global trends this gives us a unique perspective on how your brand can successfully adapt into different markets. We go on-site to make sure your brand suits the market requirements by keeping true to your brand whilst embracing the local flavours, trends and culture.


We believe that brands that do not embrace technology may struggle to survive. We can advise you the best in-house and out of the store technologies to implement due to our extensive knowledge of the available solutions in the market and global innovations. Whilst we are not technology developers nor vendors, our vast industry experience has provided us with great insights to share and it allows us to be objective in recommending the best solution to match your needs.

Livit Restaurant-Labs

We currently own & operate two highly successful brands through the Fast Fine Restaurant Group. 1889 and V operate as live labs to test innovative solutions and ideas so that we constantly learn and can then share our insights with you. In addition to winning design awards, the restaurants have proven to be a sneak-peak into the future of restaurants using technology & artificial intelligence to influence guest behavior and drive sales.


Experience design. close-serv

Our proven methodology, developed and refined over 20 years throughout thousands of projects globally, will help you achieve the best possible experience and will ultimately boost your business. We have the capacity and clarity of seeing the whole picture to strive for constant improvement.

Proof of concept

We future-proof the creation or the redesign of your concept in a new or existing location, which is strategically designed for the ultimate guest experience and profitability for your brand.

Brand consistency

It is essential to create brand consistency that is in line with the brand identity, values and strategy. Consistency means your guests will be exposed to the same core messages with visual brand elements specific to your brand at all locations, solidifying your brand recognition, emotional connection and loyalty globally.

Guest experience design

Your guest is our guest. We will design the guest experience your guests have been waiting for, exceeding their expectations by considering the complete guest journey and guest experience as well as focusing on operational brand performance objectives.

Global rollout

We have been guiding global brands with their rollouts for many years. One of the keys to success is clear concise manuals and guidance for local operators that make their life easier whilst serving the corporate or brand objectives to rollout with consistency, simplicity and adaptability to any market.

Brand turnaround

Brands need to modernise, constantly adapt and to be relevant to stay in business. No one can afford to stand still these days and hope that past success will mean future success. You must act before you get left behind.

Development tools

How far do you want to go? Livit has the toolbox to take you to the next level. As you grow, your needs will change and Livit will be ready to go the extra mile to take you there. Change is one of our favourite words. So no worries, we have your back.

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How do you compete in a saturated market? Stand out.


How do you stand out? Evolve.


At Livit, we rework the entire guest experience, covering every touchpoint.


Our success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects

of your brand into account to improve your guest experience, and ultimately

your business.


Do you want to know how we have successfully helped some of the world’s

largest brands?



We are  Livit, improving every day’s experiences you  live.

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