Our expertise

Bringing your vision to life.

We specialize and excel in the creation, renewal, regeneration and reinvention of hospitality brands, for profitability, scalabilty and guest experiences worth repeating.

More than 14.000 Livit designed restaurants
Every 8h New Opening
Active in +40 Countries across 6 continents
Over 20 Years of experience

Livit Lab

Putting our money where our mouth is.

We speak the same language and face the same challenges as you.

In the search for new ideas to implement, we created our own award winning restaurant brands, which serve as test labs to trial the latest solutions as well as investigate the use of technology in F&B. We are constantly testing and innovating in the making to disrupt and push the boundaries of the F&B industry. We combined QSR operational efficiency with affordable prices in a fine-dining setting, proving style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for good value. It marks the birth of Fast-Fine-Social, an all-day experience where guests can hang out alongside the locals and submerse themselves in the neighbourhood with vibrant, welcoming spaces, proving style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for good value.

For this reason, launching ourselves as restaurant operators as well as restaurant concept creators gives us the ability to respond and react though our own experiences to the challenges faced by brands today.

We wanted to be able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


Livit Ventures

Investing to improve.

Daring to be different.

We actively invest in new projects with intensity, fully participating in creating the concept, testing and applying fresh ideas, technologies and strategies so that our clients will also benefit from our unique, ground-breaking approach. With this continuous learning processes, we improve our services with every new creation/project, implementing innovative tools adding value to the client and exceeding their expectations.

Business driven. Global mindset. Powerful creators. People-centric. Chance takers. Strong leaders.

Our awards & recognition

Honoring moments that matter.

VDTLA HOSTELCO Best Interior Design for Restaurants Award
VDTLA Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlisted Best Bar Design America
1889 - V Pizza Best Pizza Number #1 Best Pizza in Stockholm
Number #2 Best Pizza in Sweden
VDTLA Los Angeles EATER Best Restaurant Design of the Year