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Juan SalgadoExperience Architect
María SanzExperience Architect
Miguel GeladoChief Financial Officer
Pablo MartínezExperience Architect
María Jesús DíezExperience Architect
Diego SantosProject Manager
Gonzalo BlancoExperience Architect
Cristina Pérez A.Experience Architect
Clara MartínezExperience Architect
Sara RebolloExperience Architect
Pedro CorbalánExperience Architect
Fernando BlancoExperience Architect
Óscar GómezExperience Architect
Alberto De la CámaraCountry Manager
Benjamín CallejaCEO
Cristina Pérez N.Brand Architect
Antonio GuzmánKitchen Design Director
Rebeca MuñozManaging Director
Ana Belén MorenoChief Operation Officer
Rafael LaRueExperience Architect
Imanol FrancoExperience Architect
Carolina HernándezExperience Architect
Alberto MadrigalExperience Architect
Elisa FrostExperience Architect
Clara RincónExperience Architect
Elsa PovedaExperience Architect
Teresa GómezExperience Architect
Irene OrganistaChief Accounting Officer
Juan A. CarreiraExperience Architect
Marta FontechaExperience Architect
Cristina OrtizExperience Architect
Gloria TrincadoExperience Architect
Pilar BerbegalChief Administrative Officer
Myriam HaynesExperience Architect
Pilar FernándezExperience Architect
Miguel ChilleronExperience Architect
Helena GonzálezExperience Architect
Rebeca SantoyoGraphic Designer
Scott ChenProject Manager
Silvia De MiguelExperience Architect
Teresa MéndezExperience Architect
Virginia BaltanásExperience Designer
Antonio RodríguezExperience Architect
Silvia JordanaExperience Architect

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Juan Salgado

Experience Architect
Anglophile with northern roots and southern spirit.
Have lived abroad searching for new people, ideas, experiences….
Never happy with what I know, I question more, and then question again: The answer lies behind that hidden corner.
Always looking at art in the search for that elusive truth.
Keen padel tennis player and film watcher.
My motto: ‘’Continuous project altered daily‘’ by Robert Morris

María Sanz

Experience Architect
Architect and architectural researcher. Mother of two babies. Constantly learning from them and exploring my own patience, generosity and calm.
Moments shared with family and friends make up the puzzle of my life and fighting for my goals makes me feel good. If I work hard I will achieve it!
Sensitive and persevering, day-dreamer but hard-working, sweet and courageous. Lover of running, literature and botany.

Miguel Gelado

Chief Financial Officer
Professional problem solver with an unlimited memory full of all kinds of curious information.
Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer, true to the biker spirit.
Dream trip: driving Route 66 with my wife on my Harley Davidson.
I love good food, playing Guitar Hero, dogs, and binge-watching TV series.
I’m a tireless and patient worker, willing to learn something new everyday.

Pablo Martínez

Experience Architect
Healthy and fitness lover, I really enjoy all kind of outdoor sports and beach activities.
My nature is extrovert, positive and very self-demanding, always striving for the best version of me. Interested in cinema, photography, representations of the human figure, abandoned places, minimal design, historicist and modernist movements and PreRaphaelite paintings. I enjoy rigorous and well-done work, attentive to details and imprinting my personality when possible.
Happiness is found in the little details that make up our days.

María Jesús Díez

Experience Architect
When I wake in the morning, I don't know how this new day will be. I only know that it will be different from all the others, it will have new challenges that I must overcome, and no matter how hard this new day may be, what I do know is that it will have at least 1,000 reasons to smile and that I have to find them.

Diego Santos

Project Manager
Always looking for contact with nature through sports like hiking or mountain biking.....Lover of all the small pleasures in life like enjoying good food or having a beer with a group of Friends. Learning to travel and enjoy new places as a good native of Soria, the faithful ambassador of my land.

Gonzalo Blanco

Experience Architect
Neat freak and learning junkie, you will find this man participating in conference calls almost any time of the day.
If not in a meeting with someone in another part of the world, Gonzalo will be spotted with his family looking for opportunities for adventure: riding a bike, swimming in the ocean, or just enjoying some time at the park outside. Swings, slides, seesaws... We love that stuff!!

Cristina Pérez A.

Experience Architect
Simple pleasures enthusiast. Damned diligent. Incessant music listener. Crazy for fantasy/science fiction films. Unexpected doggie lover. Recent karaoke fan. Loves evenings with friends, good food and laughs. Looks forward to the at-least-once-a-year beach getaway.

Clara Martínez

Experience Architect
All things different and special are born from the mundane and essential in life. In love with each Discovery.
Honest, energetic and dedicated to the cause.

Sara Rebollo

Experience Architect
Adventurous. My spirit explores and dares.
By bringing to each day my daring spirit, may I find the courage to explore new possibilities, reaching higher and further to truly live the adventure of life.

Pedro Corbalán

Experience Architect
Architect and passionate about anything and everything DESIGN.
I can't remember exactly how I survived before the existence of Google.
I consider myself calm and pensive although from time to time I leap first and think second.

Fernando Blanco

Experience Architect
Architecture professional. Urban dweller. Landscape admirer. Walking enthusiast. Photography aficionado. And above all… Film addict.
"That rug really tied the room together, did it not?" - The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

Óscar Gómez

Experience Architect
Happy and animated, I enjoy working with people and get to consider them friends. Delighted with my family and especially with my little Iria. I love science fiction and TV series.

Alberto De la Cámara

Country Manager
Sport lover. Feeling the bounce of the ball. Let´s order another beer. Professional, positive minded. Your house is where your soul is. Keep smiling.

Benjamín Calleja

Serial traveller, spends most of his time above 10,000 ft. If not up in the air, he tends to compulsively run in the world's strangest places.
Always looking at the bright side of life, he believes that a smile and passion for what you do can move mountains.
How this sun-seeking enthusiast ended up living happily with his wife, two kids, and white shepherd dog in Sweden is still one of the mysteries of universe.

Cristina Pérez N.

Brand Architect
Enthusiastic. Vibrant. Energetic. Crazy about flowers.
Collecting sunsets around the world is my addiction.
Always ready for an other beer. Cheers!

Antonio Guzmán

Kitchen Design Director
I love the good life. I consider myself a “bon vivant” and a “gourmand”, but a piece of hard cheese with a good glass of red wine is my favorite meal.
I am an acceptable cook, result of my ongoing relationship with top chefs (one of the many perks of my role) and I love to cook for my family and friends.
I like getting lost on forest trails, enjoying nature and observing animals whenever I can. This is all the exercise I need (at least that´s what I think).

Rebeca Muñoz

Managing Director
Music castaway and architecture survivor. Updating my internal software and covering myself in a new light. Cosmos Manager Applicant.
Everything happens for a reason and that’s why I’m here!! Life is a constant learning process. Mom-to-be… but when?? Every bit of my life is a song, so share one more!!
Ironic, perfectionist, romantic like a muffin, meticulous, tenacious, assertive and explorer of my own patience.

Ana Belén Moreno

Chief Operation Officer
Always planning my next trip.
Snowglobe collector from places I visit.
Searcher of new restaurants to go with my hubby. We’re foodies!
Organized, thorough, always smiling and up for a challenge.
Always positive!

Rafael LaRue

Experience Architect
Some people say they don't understand life, I say there is nothing to understand, be Happy and make as many others Happy as you can! Life is not about the goal but enjoying the ride.

I do what I gotta do, then I do what I wanna do. Stress kills. Whatever you have to do, have fun with it. I'm a happy, laid back guy with what I’m told is a memorable laugh, enjoying just about any moment, from sharing a beer and laughter with friends, to a great trip and new adventures.

Imanol Franco

Experience Architect
Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?
-The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine out of a car, why not do it with some "style"?

I'm Imanol Franco, great film lover and casual time traveller.

Carolina Hernández

Experience Architect
Reader. Food junkie. Outdoor enthusiast. Devoted travel buff. Coffee is everything. Sleep is optional. I could survive for several weeks sustaining myself on RedBull.
Wish I was travelling around the world but love working as an architect. Design is my passion.
“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Alberto Madrigal

Experience Architect
Sometimes grumpy, sometimes smiling, sometimes crazy, and sometimes sane.
Proud father and happy husband, a bit childish, maverick, clue hunter, 80’s music lover, and enthusiastic fan of fantasy novels and epic movies.
Collector of random things, bad dancer and neglected musician. I enjoy cooking and eating, in particular spicy food and Asian food.
“You can have all the money in the world but there’s one thing you will never have…a dinosaur!”

Elisa Frost

Experience Architect
Half Spanish half British. A divided heart. Passionate about people, I like to know what fuels others minds. Love a challenge.
"This above all; to thine own self be true" - Hamlet

Clara Rincón

Experience Architect
Designer, globetrotter, amateur baker, fierce animal defender, dance floor breaker but horrible singer...Naturally curious, learning day by day keeps me going. Permanently seeking balance, I take both my personal and professional life very seriously, but with a great sense of humor.

Elsa Poveda

Experience Architect
I am not a big fan of describing myself...I will leave that to others.

Teresa Gómez

Experience Architect
Decisive & versatile, always open to meeting new people wherever I go.
I love travelling, losing track of time while walking along the little streets and hidden corners of the cities I visit. Lover of flamenco, cooking and food in general (Total foodie!) Main hobbies: shopping and searching through Pinterest in search for inspiration.

Irene Organista

Chief Accounting Officer
The important thing is not what you have, but who you have.

Juan A. Carreira

Experience Architect
Be original. Be unique. Be yourself.
Family above all, animal lover, passionate about architecture and learning something new every single day.
I love cooking and taking long walks, especially when I can get lost and discover a new landscape.
In good company: a sunset, a beer, or a nice wine.

Marta Fontecha

Experience Architect
Monday hater, compulsive traveler, list maker, fashion lover. Only her intuition is sharper than her tongue. She takes dessert very seriously and lives in perpetual yearning for summer. Cats and trampolines make this world a better place.

Cristina Ortiz

Experience Architect
An architect with great enthusiasm for engineering. Internationally geared, she has lived in 5 countries. Traveling and learning are her passions. Addicted to the ocean. Her family and friends are her favorite entertainment. Big fan of Disney movies and amusement parks (an official coaster-holic!)

Gloria Trincado

Experience Architect
Passion, effort, and a big smile to achieve my goals.
Skate, dance, travel and learn something new every day....I promise I´ll catch up with my chinese 真的!
Living abroad taught me many things...respect, starting over, learning different ways to live and work...and for sure....never giving up! ( ah! and how far China is from Spain ;)

Pilar Berbegal

Chief Administrative Officer
I walk on the safe side.
Ambition is on my menu, I do not lack goals.
I plan a structured future. I am hard-working and making an effort is not a problem for me.
Experience gained is always a tool for any new challenge.
I find it hard to relax when there are tasks to be dealt with. Perform, perform and perform.
I love peace, chilling out and enjoying nature in good company.
I adore my family. My children are huge in my life

Myriam Haynes

Experience Architect
Irish sense of humor & temperamental Spanish character; Down to earth & the eyes on the sky; Neat freak; Thoughtful; Talkative and globetrotter. We all function differently, nothing is more exciting than discovering others´ concerns & experiences.
Looking forward to having a pint with Woody Allen at the Pantheon in Rome while listening to the Rolling Stones - and that mixture speaks about me.
In all my endeavors this inspiring thought is always present: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett.

Pilar Fernández

Experience Architect
Cat whisperer and recovering nap addict. Obsessed with the stories behind objects. In the absence of visual memory she creates spaces via intuition and feelings.

General concept creator and particular spaces designer, she has no doubt that “beauty is on the inside”.

Miguel Chilleron

Experience Architect
Concerned for innovation and theoretical content behind a project, I drive my career around establishing a very strong link between industrial and architectural design.
Great team worker, restless and optimistic. I consider design and architecture as a way of life, so I am always looking to be around people who respond reciprocally to such a lifestyle.

Helena González

Experience Architect
Inseparable, my camera and I. Through its lens I capture slices of the world and translate them into pictures and drawings that speak of who I am as an architect.
This union is combined with my passion for travelling. I love to discover new countries, cultures, buildings and meet people from all over the world.
I am passionate about my work, enjoy facing every day new challenges, and always ready to create.

Rebeca Santoyo

Graphic Designer
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music," supposedly said by Friedrich Nietzsche. True or not, still a quote she lives by. Passionate about music (as you may have imagined), design, fashion, and art in general. She keeps her friends close and her dogs closer. Doesn't mind how many walls are built in her path, the reward will only be better, or at least they will make a lovely canvas to paint on. She loves sports (do not mess with her football team) so she is way into exercise.

Scott Chen

Project Manager
Never accept failure, no matter how often it visits you. Keep on going, never give up. Never! This is me. I like food, sport, pets. I’m a walking contradiction, yearning for freedom. "I'll try" does great things every day. "I can't" gets nothing done.

Silvia De Miguel

Experience Architect
"Never give up, dreams come true..."
In my case, my dreams came true twice.

Teresa Méndez

Experience Architect
Teresa loves to get lost in nature, draw with watercolors, listen to cellos, and write with hashtags. She uses #LaCuarta as her nickname, and loves to live the life in UNEXPECTED WAYS, always with friends.

Virginia Baltanás

Experience Designer
Half architect and half graphic designer, always hunting images. When she is not working, she spends her time with her family and friends, singing high-pitched notes in company, watching Clint Eastwood movies or listening to songs with great lyrics.....while she thinks about where to travel. To finish a bad day or think of a very good one coming up, a mint chocolate chip ice cream is her best partner, at her own pace, for sure.

Antonio Rodríguez

Experience Architect
Sybarite, Urbanites, Travelites… Actually the last word is made it up, but think that describes my “jumpy feet” for moving around the world. Not just for holidays, but to actually live in different cities to observe the local culture and make my own understanding of them. Remember: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon

Silvia Jordana

Experience Architect
Dedicated architect, passionate photographer, and tireless musician, doesn´t waste a minute of her time. When not at work you will find her singing gospel and competing in karaokes. She always finds the silver lining. Be true.