At Livit we focus on

your guests.

We are a guest-centric company. Ultimately, it is not about what we like,

it is all about what the guest likes.

We want guests to enjoy the details, because we love creating them.

Understanding that having a meal out, spending the weekend away in a hotel,

or finally finding the perfect garment is an opportunity

for something special; it’s an opportunity to Livit

We are different.

We are passionate about developing concepts that delight customers and business owners alike.

We understand that the complete 360° experience is what captures the imagination

of our guests, and what makes the difference in the bottom line for our clients.

We are Livit


Our guest experience

design process.

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How we work.

This is the design process we use to discover and deliver the genuine value of your brand.
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Research. close-serv

It starts with a handshake and a hello.
Our planning and strategy team will sit down with partners, executives, and other decision makers from your company in order to get a full understanding of the who, what, and why of the project.

Brand Discovery

We’ll maintain an open line of communication with your immediate project team and ensure that we all are on the same page regarding the current situation, the desired future outcomes, and the motivating factors for making a change.

Guest Journey

We’ve consistently found that client-side insiders and stakeholders are often holding relevant stories—valid insights—that they overlook or disregard on account of simply being too close to the action. We leverage interviews and research to help uncover and highlight those stories.

Brand Audit

Churchill said, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Your project needs a plan. However, we do expect it to evolve and grow as the project progresses. We'll keep your brands evolution on track with a careful brand audit.

Competitive Analysis

It’s important to understand how others in your field express their value proposition. We’ll study the market landscape to find out how we can make you stand out. There may be cause to state the obvious, or we may need to be clever about how we position your message in a noisy sector.


Strategy. close-serv

Defining the path to success.
After our initial investigation phase, we analyze our findings, and together with the client choose the best path of improvement for the brand.

Synthesize Findings

Basing our plan on the information provided, we can formulate a cohesive plan that comprehensively attends to each need and want expressed by the client.
We hone in on the principal interests of the client based on objective and subjective markers they indicate. Bringing this all together we can take into account their needs and wants, while protecting their brand values and interests.

Experience Strategy

Fancy words don’t do it for us. We are more into the stories, the experiences. That’s why from the very start we focus on sensations, feelings, and emotions.

Brand Brief & Intent

Together with your team we build strategy guides to establish the exact steps to take to follow on the path towards mutual success.

Creative Brief

With the ideas all laid out, we write the rules of the game. The idea is to create some guidelines to help us reach our goals. We call it a game because we enjoy the process, and the journey is just as important as the destination.


Experience design. close-serv

Information meets inspiration.
We’ve made it to the design phase. With all the input analyzed and the basic guidelines defined, it’s now time to work on creating the best design for your brand.

Big idea

No one said it was easy. A bit of inspiration is always needed to spark a great idea, but through various design and inspiration strategies, we will find a clear, complete concept that on par with all the brand’s aspirations.

Design the future

Once the idea has taken shape, we keep working to bring out the best in it and ensure it is a cohesive design that lends itself to a clear functioning system. After all the design must be able to respond adaptively to the brand’s needs now and in the future.

Guest experience

The client is the real end game, the reason the brand exists. The client must really feel what the brand represents and understand what it’s all about. Not only the space itself, but each tiny detail the client comes into contact with forms part of this experience.

Test & Iterate

We test the working aspects of the system in order to make adjustments based on our own experience and that of the user until the result is exactly how everyone imagined, or better.

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At Livit we rework the entire guest experience, covering every touchpoint.

Our success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects

of your brand into account to improve your guest experience, and ultimately

your business.


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