Livit Ventures.

At Livit we are enterprising people, always in search of new talent and ideas.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, creating new concepts, services and processes.


Our challenges have no limits.

We invest and create

our own concepts.

Through “Livit Ventures”, we go much further than the creation of new concepts.

As both designers and investors we do put our money where our mouth is.


We actively involve ourselves in new projects with intensity, fully participating in them testing and applying fresh ideas,

technologies and strategies so that our clients will also benefit from our unique, ground-breaking approach.


With this continuous learning processes we improve the customer experience with every new creation,

implementing innovative tools adding value to the client and exceeding their expectations.


Livit Lab.

Beyond design, brands benefit from our shared experience and knowledge

as we develop tools to deliver brands with new levels of design.


In the search for new ideas to implement, Livit created its own restaurant

concepts, 1889 and V, which serve as test labs to trial the latest design trends

as well as investigate the use of technology in F&B.

To learn more, click here to see a Keynote delivered by
Benjamín Calleja, CEO of Livit, where we share
some our learnings with the industry.

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How do you compete in a saturated market? Stand out.

How do you stand out? Evolve.

At Livit we rework the entire guest experience, covering every touchpoint.

Our success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects

of your brand into account to improve your guest experience, and ultimately

your business.


Do you want to know how we have successfully helped

some of the worlds largest brands?

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