Livit  Lab.

1889  and V,  are a reflection of Livit’s desire to innovate.


At Livit, we believe that the best way to add value across the board is by
developing the brand needs that make us more competitive and adaptable to the
market whilst giving ourselves the ability to react to the latest trends, placing the
guest at the centre of the experience.


For this reason, launching ourselves as restaurant operators as well as
restaurant concept creators gives us the ability to respond and react though our
own experiences to the challenges faced by brands today.

We are entrepreneurs.

At first glance, 18|89 may seem like just another upscale pizza concept.


However, beneath the facade it is, first and foremost, a testing

ground for the world’s largest restaurant design firm. As soon as guests walk through the door,

their closely-monitored behavior helpscreate the future of experience dining.


18|89 is packed with all kinds of sensors — heat mapping, Wi-Fi, beacons, and Bluetooth devices.

We know exactly where people sit, forhow long and where they move in the store.


Everyday, we carry out research and focus groups to better understand what drives

customer behavior and how we can use those insights to make a restaurant more profitable.


Learning is our engine.

The biggest change is that a lot of mundane processes currently owned by
restaurant managers can be automatically handled by AI.
Not having to worry about issues around staffing or how the restaurant needs to be set up on a certain day
means they’re able to spend quality time with guests.


18|89 Fast Fine
One challenge for brands wanting to innovate is the risk factor of breaking the mold,
trying new things. So that you don’t have to be guinea pigs wec reated our own
restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden which we use as our lab to tes tso that you don’t have to.



LIVIT lab, learning, testing, we packed it with sensors, we developed our own
acoustic solutions, speaker solutions.


It’s for real & it looks amazing, feel free to come and checkt iout!

2020 Report Trends in Innovative Hospitality Download here

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