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We live to experience and we experience to share.

Being at the forefront of innovative design for more than 20 years, we must have learnt a thing or two worth sharing.

We are a strange animal as apart from being  strategists, consultants, architects, designers, brand developers and innovators we are also highly successful operators of award winning restaurants. By working all across the world, this gives us unique perspective, knowledge and insights.

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2020 Trends in

Innovative Hospitality


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How do you compete in a saturated market? Stand out.


How do you stand out? Evolve.


At Livit, we rework the entire guest experience, covering every touchpoint.


Our success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects

of your brand into account to improve your guest experience, and ultimately

your business.


Do you want to know how we have successfully helped some of the world’s

largest brands?


Let’s talk.


We are Livit, improving every day’s experiences you live.

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