Livit’s first virtual event.

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We are delighted to announce that Livit will be organising our very virtual event: BURNT KITCHEN to be broadcasted on Tuesday October 27th at 10:00 PST | 13:00 ET | 18:00 CET where our founder and CEO, Benjamin Calleja, will be hosting for once.


BURNT KITCHEN is a monthly webinar series where Benjamin will discuss with colleagues and amazing leaders from the Hospitality Industry about past mistakes they’ve made and the lessons they learned from them.


For the first edition, we will be accompanied by:
•   Michael Lastoria – CEO and Co-Founder of &pizza
  Steve Provost – Chief Concept Officer of Brinker International 


The topics of discussion will include:

•  Find out what Steve believes is his biggest mistake ever in restaurant history?
•  Discover how Michael believes you act regardless of if you are in a crisis?
•  Who & what do you have to love to work in hospitality?
•  How did &pizza show their team how much they were valued at the start of the pandemic?


Don’t miss the chance of being part of this fiery 🔥 conversation and gain valuable insights for your own business.


Tags:Guest Experience, Events
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