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guest experience


At Livit we are more than just architects, designers and brand developers.

We create unique guest experiences.



See who we are at Livit and why it matters to your brand:      


A Livit designed experience

opens every 8h somewhere

in the world.

We are active in more than 40 countries and we’ve been

designing since 1998, you do the math…

We’ve not only got the industry know-how, but an incredible

wealth of experience!

How we work.

We are passionate about developing concepts that delight customers and business owners alike.

We understand that the complete 360° experience is what captures the imagination

of our guests, and what makes the difference in the bottom line for our clients.

We are Livit and this is how we work.


Brand Discovery

Guest Journey

Brand Audit

Competitive Analysis


Synthesize Findings

Experience Strategy

Brand Brief & Intent

Creative Brief

Experience design.

Big idea

Design the future

Guest experience

Test & Iterate

What we do.Work.

Our Work.

Livit guides brand leaders through the whole
process, leveraging a resourceful team of experience experts
with years and years of designing under their belt.

work-padApplebee’sHow to redefine
an iconic brand.
work-padBlue FrogCracking the code to the
Chinese market.
work-padIhopAn example of a complete 360º
brand reinvention.
work-padGreat American SteakhouseA global guest experience
work-padPizza HutHow to successfully
penetrate a market.
work-padTaco BellThe rebirth
of a brand.
work-padKFCDefinign the
future of QSR.
work-padCarl’s Jr/Hardee’sRedefining the
QSR+ space.
work-padCalifornia Pizza KitchenFrom global
to local.
work-padBurger KingEnhancing the guest
work-padDaViaCreating an Italian
Fast Casual.
work-padBikiniGourmet bites
under the sun.
work-padSanta PizzaHow to drive profit
in better pizza.
work-padPans & CoMulti unit/typology brand
work-padKabbRedefining a
Shanghai icon.
work-padPachaFrom Ibiza to
the world.

A recent Nielsen report shows that consumers only retain:

  • 20% of what they read and hear
  • 40% of what they observe
  • 90% of what they experience
See more work.Work.

Your team.

Our wealth of ideas comes from our large, diverse team of experts

who continually demonstrate excellence.

We offer the perfect mix of creative minds and strategic planning

that are the key for our clients’ success. We draw our inspiration from an open

conversation with each client, where we work closely

with them in the pursuit of something fantastic.

Get to know us.Team.

Let’s talk.

How do you compete in a saturated market? Stand out.

How do you stand out? Evolve.

At Livit we rework the entire guest experience, covering every touchpoint.

Our success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that takes all aspects

of your brand into account to improve your guest experience, and ultimately

your business.


Do you want to know how we have successfully helped

some of the worlds largest brands?

Let’s talk.

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Great American Steakhouse

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Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s

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California Pizza Kitchen

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